With a legacy that spans over three decades, The Armana Group has evolved from a small fashion house in the 90s to the world-class garments manufacturer and services provider it is known as today.

This has been possible because of the faith entrusted in us by some of the world’s most respected brands. It is a gift we have worked very hard to acquire over the years and work even harder to maintain.

With Armana Group’s presence in shipping goods to over 40 destinations over the globe, our entry in the logistics industry was the most natural evolution. Keeping the Armana Group’s legacy in mind, we intend to pursue nothing but excellence in this venture as well! As a part of the prestigious conglomerate, we pride ourselves on providing ground-breaking logistics solutions.

The strength of Armach Logistics lies in the hands of a highly skilled and motivated manpower with years of experience that leads to excellence in their field. With a range of services covering all modes of transportation and state-of-the-art cargo management technology, you can be rest assured that your product is in safe hands.